7 Unbelievable Reasons Nigerians Love iPhone

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IPhone and Android-operated phones have been around for a while and there has been this raging issue about which is better. Nigerians are not exempted from this debate. Funny enough, you will find that Android users, if given the chance, will ditch their Android for iPhone. That is the love Nigerians have for the i Phone even if they cannot afford it. But the problem here is that their love is not based on an informed point of view because there are many Android phones that are far better than the i Phone. Regardless, Jumia Travel shares seven reasons why Nigerians love i Phone.

  • They just like iOS better than Android

Some Nigerians just like the iOS more than Android because of what they have heard over time about i Phone. Thanks to the solid and strong public relations machine of Apple, they have made us believe that there are no other phones that are better than the iPhone. This is wrong. You have Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei Nexus 6P, LG G5, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and HTC 10.

  • iPhones support all of the apps you want

Almost all the apps you want is available on i Phone. So, whatever app you are using and is important to you, you will definitely find it on i Phone. In addition, there are a variety of helpful apps you will have access to.

  • iPhones are durable

Should we say iPhone is overhyped? True. The reputation that Apple makes quality and stylish phones is in our faces. Granted, i Phone may last longer but it does not mean that Android phones are not durable. i Phone and Android phones can last longer. It only depends on the manufacturer. We can all see how Samsung is competing strongly with the iPhone.

  • iPhones are compatible with other Apple devices

iPhone works perfectly with other Apple devices, including MacBook and iWatch. The connection is seamless. But it is a torrid time if you are attempting to connect your Android phone with a MacBook or an i Phone.

  • iPhone is immune from virus and malware

Many believe that iPhone cannot be infected by virus and malware. This is actually not true. The fact is iOS apps can still be infected with malware and virus, especially when you use unsecured Wi-Fi networks to download apps. Due to this, many Nigerians love and prefer the iPhone.

  • iPhones have better resale value

This is a major reason why Nigerians love i Phone. No matter how poorly used your iPhone appears, it will still sell for a good price than some Android phone.

  • To Show off

Being able to afford an iPhone means you have a deep pocket. The cost price of iPhone is as much as N400,000. Even if you are using a fairly used i Phone, people will still have the same perception.

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