Understanding The 3 Components Of A Healthy Office- Eat, Move & Live

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How can employers make their office healthy? You might think a wellness program holds all of the answers. While an employee wellness program certainly gets the ball rolling in the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t hold all of the answers to maintaining a healthy office.

The reality is that a healthy office takes a dedicated approach. An ongoing effort is needed to create and maintain a culture of wellness. Employees need support for not only the beginning stages of leading a healthy lifestyle, but continuous support throughout their journey.

Helping your employees becoming healthier and sustaining a healthy office isn’t an easy, one-step process. However, it’s less complicated if you break down what creates a healthy office environment and healthy behaviors. Eat, move and live are three key pillars that help support healthy habits at work. Employers should educate employees on these three areas of health and promote practical behaviors and habits to support eating well, moving more and living a happy, holistically enriching life.


Positive nutritional choices and healthy eating habits help shape a healthy office. Eating well at work can be burdensome for many employees. Convenience often outweighs the benefits of a healthy lunch, and many employees let their healthy habits slip during a busy day at the office. With nutrition playing a huge role in overall health and wellness, it’s essential that employers provide employees with the opportunity to make healthy choices so that maintaining a healthy diet can be achievable in the workplace.

Employees that eat well provide companies with a wide array of benefits. By making positive nutritional choices, employees will help keep their key health numbers under control – such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels and BMI. Keeping healthy eating habits helps combat the risks of diseases like type 2 diabetes and certain cancers, along with obesity. Many nutrient-rich foods also contribute to a healthier immune system – reducing absenteeism around the office.

Along with the health benefits of eating well, employers can also expect more productive and happier workers. When employees eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks, productivity soars. Nutritious foods provide employees with the essential vitamins and minerals their brains need to function properly.

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