How To Set Goals And Achieve Them Successfully

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set goals
We all one way or the other have “goals” we set for ourselves either annually or for a long period of time. It has been globally proven that “83% of Humans don’t set any sort of goals at all and 14% have their already set goals in their minds while the remaining 3% have their Goals carefully written down comprehensively either on their memos, pads, phones e.t.c.”
This 83% of non-goal setters most times never attain any height of success, except by miracle, while the 14% who have their goals on their minds have chances to be 10Times better that the 83% who have no goals and the remaining 3% who carefully have their goals written down are likely to be 30Times better than the 14% with minded goals.

What Is a Goal?
According to Wikipedia: A goal is a desired result or possible outcome that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve: a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.

“But I say; A goal is you working towards a better you or an organization working towards bettering itself.”

Setting goals seems not to be the major problem but achieving them sometimes feels like impossible itself, which makes most of us give up along the line without critically thinking about it.

Characteristics Of Goal Setting
1. A good goal must be easy to understand.
2. A good goal must have a deadline.
3. A good goal must be achievable or seemingly impossible.

The SMART Goal Setting
Specific – State what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, when, where and most importantly why.
Measurable – your goal must be measurable whereby there will be a step by step result.
Achievable – Your goal must be achievable, you must stretch yourself to reach your desired goal.
Relevant – your goal must be of utmost importance to you generally
Time-Bound – your goal must have a specific time (a deadline) of achievement.

The Goal Pyramid

the goal pyramid
The Goal Pyramid

Goals – Your goals stands to be your achievement so far either in your personal life, ministry, business or work.
S.T.P – The S.T.P stands for strategy, tactics, and process.
                    • Strategy – It is your mapped out plans towards achieving your goal.
                    • Tactics – It is the way at which you tend to carry out the plans, by seeking advice from an experienced                                              fellow who is in your field.
                    • Process – it is the steps you take in carrying out the plans.
Habits – our habits are one of the main factors that can ruin our goals, curtail your habits if you want to successfully achieve your goal.
Belief – most times people believe in us and we don’t believe in ourselves, and vice versa, the most important thing is to believe in yourself no matter the pressure or the nature of the goal you want to achieve.
WHY – the why which is the first and the most important step to successfully achieving your goal. You must have a very severe reason why you want to achieve that goal because whenever you remember the WHY you are driven closer to your dreams by the motivation from the why.

Taking The Shot
This steps above can guide you to achieving your goals but the most important thing is “Giving it a shot”, making a move. The target is fixed all you have to do is take the shot, most of us are too lazy to the point that we set goals and wait for miracles, it might not work after the first, second or third trial but the beauty of it all is you can always try again as many times as possible.

Get A Partner
Sometimes we go through difficult times trying to achieve our goal single-handedly, if it’s not working out as planned you can get a teammate. Talk to someone who you know is good or better and ask them to help you out, trust me you will see yourself making speedy progress you never imagined.

Focus On The Dream
Don’t ever get distracted, though distractions are bound to hover around you, learn to fight it, it’s always worth it at the end.

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