How To Make Massive Profit Selling Your Next House

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When selling your house, definitely you will love to make as much profit as possible, whether it’s a house for sale in Lekki or the Mainland. But going about it becomes our greatest challenge.

Is the home pricing right? Not so high that it could scare away customers and too low so you won’t cheat your own self. But not to worry we will guide you through few proven tips you can use to make massive gain on your next sale as you read on.



When a business man sells something at a higher price than what he spent in buying it, which makes him a successful entrepreneur. But don’t forget that the government body in charge of such properties the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will always expect you to pay a higher tax when you make a huge profit from selling your home.

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Negotiate Commission With your real Estate Agent

There are always ways of conserving funds you may not be making money as expected but by not spending money unnecessarily means you’re holding onto your money which is just as important as making profit.

A method of keeping more of your money is by paying your real estate agent less. Everything in this life is negotiable truth be told, including the commission received by your real estate agent. An agent might tell you their commission is 6%, for example but you can always offer them less whereby, the agent might agree to come down or not. It is always up to you to look for a less expensive agent.


Selling FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

Obviously now things have changed whereby; anyone can list their home on sale on any auction sites without using an agent at all which is called FSBO or “For Sale By Owner”. There will be no agent fee except the fee of the buyer’s agent.  You can determine the price of your house simply by weighing what neighboring homes have sold for and/or hiring an appraiser. Advertise your apartment and show it to interested buyers. In negotiating your selling price to a buyer don’t be scared, always have a real estate attorney review or draw up a contract, and then have an attorney or a title company coordinate closing.

NOTE: there are certain fees still involved when you sell FSBO, and you will invest more of your time to it, but your savings could be significant.

Hire An Aggressive Agent

Offering little to your agent or not using an agent at all aren’t the only methods for making massive profit from your home sale you might not be getting the response or offers  you want. If you don’t wanna spend too much time waiting for the right buyer just hire an aggressive agent from the start, they are good at what they do.

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