“I Can Feed The World With Underwater Farming(3D Farming)”- Bren Smith (Watch Video)

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Bren Smith is an American entrepreneur and the owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm, a pioneer of 3D farming who says he can feed the whole world with an underwater farm which is roughly the size of Washington when we all know that for the whole world to be fed from a farmland countries like Canada and the united states will be put together and it must produce a good number of food crops in order to provide food for the world.

During an interview he said “. From the shores of Stony Creek, Connecticut, his outfit looks meager — a single fishing boat bobbing next to a collection of buoys. But beneath the water, food abounds. Leafy fronds of sugar kelp and baskets of clams, oysters and scallops hang from a horizontal line.

“It’s vertical, so we grow a whole water column, and we grow a whole mix of species. We grow two kinds of seaweed, four kinds of shellfish. We harvest salt, in just a 300 by 300-foot area; I can grow 26 tons of kelp in five months.”

Bren started as an oyster grower, but due to natural disasters, he took to 3D farming.

He further explained that he finds it difficult selling off his crops from his underwater farm in the market maybe because some of them have disgusting looks but after preparation, they look palatable and you will love to have a taste.

Prepared Sea Crops

Bren has gone as far as hiring chefs like NEY YORK’S Brooks Headley, who prepared special meals like superiority Burger. And he also has plans to make Pickled Kelp, Kelp ice cream, kelp cocktails, and kelp linguini. He is so happy with his new mode of farming and revealed that his seaweed contains more protein and iron than in red meat, and more calcium than milk and KALE is one of his major produce which can be used as food, manufacturing toothpaste, shampoo and can be used in gas tanks.

We have to be watchful says Bren (the successful underwater farmer), because he feels 3D farming could be the hope of the future and with just 20acres of ocean, $30,000 and a boat you are good to go, he even intends introducing it to more people close to him by training them for free offering them loans and giving them seeds to start. In return, he will buy 80%of what they produce triple the market price for their first 5years.

Bren Harvesting Seaweeds

You may wonder why Smith have chosen to be generous but it may be because of the hardship he has faced in his life, he is asthmatic and epileptic which is triggered by alcohol, caffeine, and inadequate sleep. He dropped out of school at the age of 14 “he said” he has even gone to jail before and he doesn’t know how to swim.

Despite the challenges he has decided to still show others the light in underwater farming “he said” what I want is to bring others along with me I don’t want 1000acres of a farm.  Bren further stated “We’re using mother nature’s technologies in order to build businesses that are actually green and sustainable and really address the climate crisis”

Watch Video About 3D farming

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