Trump Plans To Welcome North Korean President Kim Jong-Un To U.S. For Nuclear Talks

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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in his Atlanta rally on Wednesday June 15th stated that he will welcome North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to the U.S for Nuclear talks if he becomes president.

If he came here, I would accept him,” Trump said during the rally. “But I wouldn’t give him a state dinner like China, or all these other nations who are ripping us off.”

“It’s opening a dialogue, We shouldn’t be having state dinners at all, he continued. We should be eating a hamburger on a conference table and making better deals. I’m only going to make a good deal,”

Denigrating his likely general election opponent Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state, as “a rank amateur” at the negotiating table. Trump said he would talk to Kim even if there was a 10 percent or a 20 percent chance that ‘I can talk him out of those damn nukes.’

This isn’t the first time Trump has suggested that he would talk with Kim. In a May interview with Reuters, Trump proposed that he would meet with Kim.

“It is up to the decision of my Supreme Leader whether he decides to meet or not, but I think his (Trump’s) idea or talk is nonsense,” So Se Pyong, North Korea’s ambassador to the UN, told Reuters. “It’s for utilization of the presidential election, that’s all. A kind of a propaganda or advertisement. This is useless, just a gesture for the presidential election.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the US should renegotiate defense treaties with Japan and South Korea, which allow the US to maintain bases in their territories in exchange for protection in the event that either country is attacked. Trump has also advocated for China to assert pressure on North Korea to back off its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
“It’s something I’ve been talking about for a long time. You have this madman over there who probably would use [nuclear weapons],” Trump said of the North Korean dictator during an interview in January. And nobody talks to him, other than, of course, Dennis Rodman. That’s about it.”

The United States and North Korea haven’t been on good terms ever since North Korea refused to stop it’s Nuclear programs as military officials feel North Korea possess the ability to place nuclear weapons on its No Dong medium-range missiles, and a preliminary ability to attack the continental United States with a missile.

Source: Wall Street Journal / CNN

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