Don’t Pay For That Home Till You Know These

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You will have many questions lined up when you are considering a home for purchase. In order to satisfy yourself and make sure that the property fits your needs, you would definitely want to ask the seller certain questions.

Here is a quick list of the 5 most important questions you should ask to the seller before taking further steps:

1. What’s The Reason For Selling The House?

This is one such question which will sound personal but is very important. You must not hesitate to ask this question. Many sellers are reluctant to answer this one, and they would rather divert the discussion towards something else. It may be the case that you do not even get an honest answer.

However, if the buyer asks this question and the seller clearly explains the reason, it will be helpful for both parties to understand the situation. On the other hand, if you think something is wrong with the answer, then do your research on the property.

house 1

2. How Much Do The Utilities Cost?

If you think that every house has the same expenses on utilities, then you may be mistaken. Many factors come into play when it comes to the costs of various utilities. It may come out as a small figure compared to the value of the house, but it is advisable not to skip this question. You don’t want to be surprised by the utility bill after you move into the new house.

3. Any Issues/Problems With This Home?

This one is a very basic and important question that every buyer should ask prior to making a purchase. There may be certain things done in the house that you need to know before buying it. You need to understand very carefully what the seller’s answer is to this question. He/she may be trying to hide some vital information. If you sense something is not right, you can ask the seller to explain in detail.

house 3

4. What Do You Like And Dislike About This Home?

This is another important and vital question. Such open ended questions are a good way to indulge the seller in a conversation and find out more about the property. The seller might have many inputs regarding the house that he/she will discuss with you. You may also hear something that you would have never noticed on your own. The answers to this particular question may help you in deciding whether this is a good deal or not.

5. Any Nuisance In The Neighbourhood?

This will help you in understanding what the neighborhood is like. Are there people who create a nuisance? If yes, then this may be a reason for the seller to move away from here. Buyers should clearly ask about the locality and the surroundings.

You can frame your questions in different styles. Rather than asking whether neighbours are noisy, you can ask who they are: singles, professionals, families, etc.

When it comes to buying a house, you don’t want to make a hasty decision. Do your research and ask as many questions as you have. Clear your doubts. Make your decision wisely.


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