Facts You Must Consider Before Buying A Home With Swimming Pool

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Buying homes with swimming pools essentially implies devoting time, energy and resources for adequate pool maintenance. While some people can’t do without a pool in their home others don’t want a home with a pool.

If you are not able to decide whether you want a home with a pool or not, discussed here are benefits and drawbacks associated with homes with pools.

Analyze these points carefully and take your own decision. In case you decide to own a house with pool, make sure the pool design conforms to the safety regulations set by federal and localized pool barrier regulations.

The Advantages Associated With Owning A Home Attached With A Swimming Pool

Pools contribute immensely in enhancing the aesthetic value of the yard.

People fond of throwing parties occasionally see the pools as a potential entertainment center. People seeking a relaxed retreat after an intense hot day can cool down in the pool, especially in warmer states.

Pools can serve as a potential health enhancer by allowing for in-water exercises.

The property’s resale value gets appreciated significantly if a pool accompanies the house.

Are There Disadvantages?

Pools call for regular maintenance involving expensive chemicals; water change etc.

Pools can fall prey to scum accumulation if not maintained regularly.

People with toddlers are overly concerned with the safety aspect of the pool as a single careless step on the part of a child can lead to accidental drowning or death.

Many people, especially those in colder regions are not keen to purchase properties with pools. Pools occupy a significant portion of the yard and in small areas, this can be stifling.

The premium value of insuring homes with pools is higher compared to their standalone counterparts.

Should One Invest On Homes With Pools?

According to research conducted by The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, numbers of in-house pools have increased marginally over the years. This is owing to the aversion exhibited by the low and middle range home buyers for pool attached homes.

Upscale properties have pools primarily to add decorative value to the home. The expense of maintaining a pool can outgrow your desire to spend a quiet hour swim in the pool.

Various Kinds Of Swimming Pools

The various kinds of pool include;

Gunite Pools

These types of pool top the chart in terms of popularity. These in-ground pools are constructed by sprinkling a mixture of concrete and sand into a pool shaped hole. These pools are permanent and can be bent into any shape, but the setup cost is high.

Image of Gunite Pool


Vinyl Pools

These types have a lining of vinyl which requires replacement after 10 years. In cold areas where temperatures dip beneath the freezing point calling for draining of the pool, these structures are vastly popular. The construction calls for ground excavation and making of support walls.

Image of Vinyl Pool

Vinyl pool

Above ground pool can be set up in a matter of days but is an expensive proposition.



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